The purpose of our camps is to provide the preteens, teenagers and youth safe spaces in nature where they can take part in various activities during the weekend as well as school holidays that equip them with skills and tools to assist them in maneuvering life.

We have a great team of instructors who have local and international experience in dealing with the youth and activities related to them. They have experience working in camps, children’s ministries, schools and other allied institutions and can comfortably engage all ages targeted by our camp programs.


To register for any day, overnight or weekly Camp, please fill out the following contact form, ensuring to include the Name of the child in the message body, Age in its field and Date of Camp you wish to join as part of the subject line.

You shall be contacted to arrange payment as well as a form sent to you. This form will include a camp packing list, medical history and waiver and can be filled in and returned to us via email.